Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Attach My Backyard Quilt?

Two ways you can attach your quilt to an outside surface. Always choose a clean, flat surface to show your backyard quilt.

1. Buy a package of outdoor velcro at your local hardware store. Follow directions and make sure there is velcro on all four sides of the backyard quilt. Push firmly to attach backyard quilt to the surface.

2. Drill holes in each corner and insert a zip tie to wrap around a deck or step spindle. 

How do You Make the Backyard Quilt?

Each design in created on the computer then sent to a printer. The design is then laser printed by a large flatbed printer with UV resistant ink. This large 4' x 8' panel is then cured for 24 hours. When dried, each panel is laminated then cut into the desired sizes.


Do I take it Down for the Winter?

No, these metal tiles are meant and designed to stay outside all year long. Once you put it where you want, it stays. 

 Can I Frame the Backyard Quilt?

Custom framing is available upon request. 

Will the Paint Fade?

No, this paint is UV resistant so will last for years in the outside elements. This is the same process made for potash mines and these signs have been used for many years with no problems.