I was born and raised on the Saskatchewan prairie and live in Saskatoon. I am a mother, grandmother, sister, friend, widow, retired school counsellor, and lover of anything handmade, especially quilts. As a quilter these backyard quilts express my pride in this craft and love of the quilting community. Making quilts allows me to show my love to family, celebrate happy events and bring comfort to others in times of grief. Making quilts is a creative quest that satisfies my need to see and feel beauty in the everyday. My backyard quilts does the same. 

Last year was a year of life transition as I was widowed. Barry had been fighting prostrate cancer for the past 5 years and passed September 22, 2017. This business venture was the final project we created together. I was also about to retire and was looking for another career once I left school counselling. The criteria was: it had to have lots of creativity and something totally new. I was intrigued with barn quilts and had seen smaller versions made in America. Adapting the barn quilts to suit the Canadian climate and size of our urban yards and homes fit this criteria. I found a local printer who had the specialized material and printer to produce a unique and quality product for the discerning homeowner, gardener, or quilter.