Nova Scotia Profile : Briar Hill Designs

This talented duo, sisters-in-laws from Nova Scotia, collaborate to marry Caverly’s fine art skills and Julia’s expertise in textiles and design. Even the name of the company, Briar Hill has a family connection, their grandmother’s yellow-brick hilltop cottage. Their colors and designs are intended to carry us to a simpler time abundant in etiquette, beauty, and natures’ blessings.


It was my pleasure to be part of the weekly prizes for a recent QAL hosted by Briar Hill Designs. Julie and Caverly are sister-in-laws and uber talented in designing patterns and fabric. Here is a photo of their yonder star quilt along pattern sewed by Anja ( another one of my uber supporters)!  I had read about the incredible support from the quilting community by other quilters, but to have experience this myself is very humbling and thrilling at the same time.


It was my pleasure to mail out  the purple Serenity  backyard barn quilt to Jen Hill, the winner of the week 5 giveaway. Congratulations Jen! 


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