The W5 of the Interlake Barn Quilt Trail

Day two of our trip to Manitoba was focused on the village of Winnipeg Beach. The first thing we did was check out the beach on this huge water span of Lake Winnipeg. Since I had never driven to the Great Lakes, this was certainly the largest body of water I had ever seen.

We first checked out the namesake of this village, Winnipeg Beach. Here is my sister taking time to enjoy the majesty of this water. 

I called up Janice to get directions to her home and was very excited to hear the genesis of this trail.  Here is Donna and I standing beside the very first quilt she painted It's on her shed and she named it the Friendship star because a few couples had spent over 50 years of friendship and meals on the deck overlooking this wall. Now the star is a hallmark of these memories and future times together. 

But I'm ahead of myself. Donna Kearns and her husband had seen these brightly coloured quilts on barns when they travelled through Wisconsin. When she got home she found out that there were actually trails to drive through and so thought the Interlake region would be perfect for a similar project. She collaborated with her friend Janice Skene and they approached the Interlake Tourism Board in 2013. The next  three years they received grants to buy wood panels, paint, and create the website. The trail began in 2014 with 15 barn quilts that was painted by a group of five women and they were offered an empty warehouse in Arborg to complete their work. The main requirement to be on the trail was that the design had at least 60 cm square and visible from the road. The block also had to be reproduced with fabric if desired.  Today, there are 51 barn quilts spread over ..... km and can be viewed on barns, homes, community centres, sheds, the local marina, a curling rink,  and even on an elevator. These barn quilts are sold at the local quilt shows. 

After a couple hours visiting and sharing our passion of quilting, my sister and I began touring the village to check out more of these masterpieces. From left to right : May Flowers (Bellefeuille Family, Loni Beach, 2015); Gimli Fish ( Gimli Stage; 2016); Carpenters Star (Kushner Family, Winnipeg Beach, 2016); ** Star on the Horizon; Gimli New Horizons Activity Centre, 2016)

 carpenters starStar on the Horizon

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