The Rising Phoenix- You and Me

I've been quite reflective the past few days. On the way to the Saskatchewan Day market in Moose Jaw I listened to a pod cast called the Business of Life where two powerhouse women in Canadian entertainment share their visits over the kitchen table. These two friends are Jann Arden, songwriter, comedian, entertainer , author, and Arlene Dickinson, business tycoon, author, TV personality. I'd like to be their friends actually but alas can only eavesdrop on their conversations produced on the podcasts. 

Arlene is releasing another book and its about change, reinvention of our lives. As i was driving down the highway I reflected on the times of reinvention myself and wrying admitted I am in one such phase right now as a widow and new entrepreneur. Some days the waves of new knowledge are pretty rough and its hard to keep swimming without going under. However, I always find some respite in the day to give me courage and inspiration to move forward and take action to reach my dreams. 

Another reason I am in this reflection is that Garth Brooks is performing tonight. My daughter, my sister, and a friend are excited to attend and hear him sing his powerful stories and wisdom. My anthem during a major time of reinvention was his song " The River" (1991)

..... a dream is just a river ever changing as it flows, and the dreamer just a vessel that must follow where it goes....

.... like a bird upon the wind, these waters are my sky

.... choose to chance the rapids and dare to dance the tide.  

So I finish with this feeling that indeed, life is good and always unfolding in miraculous ways. Everyone has the unlimited potential to live a full and harmonious life. We are not alone, but all one.

Everyone is on the same journey, aren't we??? 


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