Summertime Sewing

Are you a summertime sewer? Or do you scale down the creative output when it gets hot? 

Canada Flag Placemats

As a school counsellor, I think because summer was the most open time for me so it felt like go-time. With no daily work obligations, I could indulge in days sewing at my machine. I always began my Christmas sewing then in the attempt to get flimsy tops mostly completed before September 1. Now that I am retired, this summer push is still there even when it is hot. In the past I have taken my machine outside to sew on the patio and it was heaven. It's like listening to live bands in the summer. My largest selection in my stash has always been Christmas fabric so I have made a few fast sews this summer. I'm also making a few quilts for the daughters of a good friend who lost their mom last month. 

Christmas Bento Box QuiltWonky Trees Quilt

Do you have a busier time of the year when you sew or are you steady all year long?? 

Halloween Sewing

And I've been collecting Hallowe'en fabric for the past few years catching sales. The storage bin was overflowing so I cut up strips last night and going to make a couple quilts for my grandchildren. 


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