Gifts of Being a Quilter

A quilt is a symbol of comfort, support, and love. A quilt often evokes strong emotions for both the recipient and the maker. A quilt is both functional and art. Let me first share what quilting means to me. *** Please comment below on your thoughts about what quilting means to you and your experiences. 

As I make and design each quilt, I think of the person I am gifting this to and review memories, infuse my desires of peace and prosperity for this person, and just generally feel compassion  and creativity in my heart. 

Sewing quilts allows me to show this love to family, friends, and neighbors, to celebrate happy events and milestones in my loved one’s life. Here is a few quilts for babies, anniversaries, and graduations.

Strip Quilt

Batik QuiltImprov Quilt

Making quilts is a creative quest that satisfies my need to see and feel beauty in the everyday. It is a way to focus on the here and now, a kind of free-flowing meditation. Here is one of the few horse quilts I have made for girls in our family as they connect with their beloved four-legged teacher and companion.Horse Quilt

I'd love to hear the list of your gifts you have received during your quilting journey!

Remember.... a quilt makes everything better!


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