Quilt Retreats

Even though I have been quilting seriously for nine years, I have only begun to enjoy a couple retreats this winter. And what an invigorating yet relaxing experience. Some retreats are small with only 10 sewers or very large with over 50. Some are organized by guilds, some are by shop owners. No matter.... these gatherings are fabulous. 

But the first question was " What do I pack?" So once I got everything I thought I would need, I got it stored in the SUV and away I go. 

Oh the laughter!  The generous sharing of quilty knowledge! The silence of sewing intentions!  The food!  The sisterhood of quilty women!  The admiration of sewing mastery!  The enjoyment of textile creativity and beauty. And oh yes, the quilts...... those completed or begun during these lovely days of humming machines and warm hearts. 

Metro Rings

My sweet sister who began quilting two years ago completed this stunning curved beauty. 

My progress in creating a blue jean and batik couch quilt and using the black and white feature to assess the overall values of this scrappy quilt.


And another curved beauty! 

Please leave a comment below about your experiences at quilt retreats. 

Remember.... a quilt makes everything better!


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