Photographing My Backyard Quilts, But Not in the Backyard

It's been quite a creative journey not only to design the backyard quilts but the ongoing pace of creating content for social media. I still have lots to learn but have quite enjoyed this creative journey.

Starbright Backyard Barn Quilt

Yesterday I had so much fun driving to my hometown, Prince Albert,  and meeting with my elementary bestie for a day of backyard quilt shoots. She is an artist and had a vision for where would work best. So first stop was the John Deifenbaker House. This was appropriate because we met while in grade 5 at John Diefenbaker School. And last week, this house was inaugurated as a national historic site. The two hostesses, Katelyn Lysitza and Ryan Fontaine were most gracious and helpful in getting these photos completed. Thanks so much!! 

Oh Canada at John Diefenbaker House

Then off to Christopher Lake and the Quest Camp. And oh what fun we had staging backyard quilts on shore at this beautiful camp located in northern Saskatchewan. 

Canoes and Backyard QuiltsBackyard Quilts on the BeachTwirling Star on the Dock

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