Tired of the Winter Blahs.....

The yard looks so bland.

Its' been a cold hard February with weeks of polar temperatures across Canada. Need a way to bring some cheer to those cold winter days? Want to brighten that garden spot as it rests for winter? There is no better way than with a bold, colourful outdoor quilt block. I’m often asked “Do you really leave them out all winter?” Yes, these backyard quilts are made with the same lightweight aluminum that the printer uses to make signs for the potash mines. The ink is uv resistant and once printed each square is laminated. Here are a couple summer vs. winter photos of the backyard quilts in Saskatchewan.

October 2018

Vs. February 2019

 Extreme temps? Howling winds?  Brilliant sunshine? These impressive blocks are the answer to winter weary yards. Even seeing a couple of these striking blocks against that bright white snow can make the darkest winter days beautiful and cheerful. In some ways, they are better appreciated during the late winter months when everyone is wanting spring to come soon!

Even though the front of the house is in the shade... this pop of color really is noticeable to all who drive by.

Barn Quilt Winter

 Remember….. A quilt makes everything better!  Brenda 




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