Maple Leaf Mondays

Maple Leaf Barn Quilt
I always said that "First I will see Canada, all of Canada, then onto the rest of the world." This has been a dream since I was a little girl watching  This Land is Ours . A weekly CBC series that ran for 20 years (1968-1988) documented all the people and regions of Canada. I was especially drawn to learning about the wilderness areas of lakes and rivers. This couple Jon and Janet Foster canoed and /or hiked throughout the land to give a glimpse into the beauty of Canadian land.  This adventure  in our nature, our land always got me excited to think of so many places and people to meet. This Land of Ours highlighted our rural and natural heritage while discussing emerging environmental issues. And so it was with great pleasure I designed this iconic maple leaf. 
Oh Canada
Red Maple Leaf
I certainly have been able to explore my home province of Saskatchewan from my farm roots visiting grandparents to paddling northern lakes. I truly love driving to savour the Land of the Living Skies.
Canada and Maple Leaf Flag
Vancouver Island is my favorite place so far in Canada especially the extensive beaches from Tofino to Ucelot. However, there is so much more to see.... the beaches of PEI, hiking in Newfoundland, seeing the tundra of the NWT and Inuvet, Ottawa, seeing the fall splendour of the Maritimes and Quebec, etc. etc. 
Remember. A quilt makes everything better!  Brenda 

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