I See the Sign: A Quilter Lives Here!!!!!

I love to sew quilts.  And I love quilt designs. The walls in my sewing room are filled with quilty decor. And, I don't think this is unusual that many quilters are also gardeners. I love my yard. I am often told that  a grandmother, mother, sister or favorite aunt loves to quilt and garden.  Modern backyard quilts are such a unique way to express this passion, hobby, addiction :) to the world. Since these aluminum squares are made for the extreme Canadian climate each backyard quilt lasts for years and can be kept outside for many years to come. Either in the yard….

Barn Quilt in FlowerbedOh Canada Barn Quilt

Peace Backyard Barn Quilt

 Or in the home.....

Indoors Metal ArtMini Bliss Kitchen

Framed Backyard Quilt

Soon to be released.... new spring designs and colors!

Remember a quilt makes everything better,


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