Becoming a Quilter.... 

I have never thought of myself as artistic but always admired and purchased handmade items as gifts or for my home. It was the word artistic that really hung me up because I am not good at drawing but yes, I am definitely a creative thinker. As an educator and later as a school counsellor, I knew I worked from the right side of my brain. As a child I was mostly a wanna-be athlete and piano player. I was a very very busy person but never had a hobby until 2011. That September I was very lucky to survive blood clots that went into both lungs. In my recovery over the next 8 months, I only had energy to sit. And as I gained stamina I could focus for longer periods.CHRISTMAS WALL HANGING


Over the previous 10 years I had collected fabric and made a couple blue jean quilts. I had started and was about to complete my masters program in counselling when I had these blood clots. As a way to avoid working too hard on my studies (haha) I would go to fabric stores and buy a few bundles and panels. Yes, I was building a stashfor that Someday -this -might -be- handy. Guess what? I was ready to start sewing! My Sewing Goddess, an ex-home ec. teacher extraordinaire, agreed to spend Sunday afternoons sewing and teaching me  more about the art of quilting. During the week, she went to work and I got to sew! I loved the experience of working for a couple hours and SEEING something tangible, even if it was a pile of square blocks. PLACEMATS Yes, I had always worked hard in creating lessons, marking papers, coaching, and studying myself ,but my creativity was in the area of ideas,  not fabric. I’m a tactile person so working with fabric is also very pleasing. I was hooked and since then I have thoroughly enjoyed creating and reading about other’s process of quilting on their  many many blogs. My list of 20 or so bloggers have become my community even though I do not respond or write to them, these most talented women are a part of my daily world.



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