Garden Sanctuary

It's a rainy few days here which is extraordinary!  We have been in a drought this spring and all the crops and forests really need this moisture!  As I drank my coffee this morning in my outdoor screen room I especially savoured the fresh smell of the wet earth and the bright green leaves and grass drinking up all the rain!  I am so thankful for this window into nature as it slows my brain and soothes my soul. Everyday the birds come to eat from the bird feeder and drink from my birdbath and four bunnies hop around munching on the grass.


Northern Lights Backyard Quilt

Bliss Mini Backyard Quilt

Yes this patio sanctuary let's me simply walk outside to gaze at this restorative space everyday from May to October. I eat most meals at my patio table and also have a fountain inside my screened room. A water feature is often an important part of adding to my visual appeal of trees, shrubs, and flowers. But more importantly, the sound of running water is one of the quickest ways to take my mood to another calmer and meditative state. In the past when I had larger yards there was room for a fire pit which also extended the use of the space into the evening. 

Below are a few photos of friends backyards to show the creativity and care needed to design an oasis right in the backyard. 


Inspiration Backyard Quilt
Oh Canada Backyard Quilt



Go Team Backyard Quilt

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