End of Summer Sale

I cannot believe the calendar is the last week in August!!  Where did this summer go? Did your summer whiz by also? I have to admit that not working in the school system has given a new feel to August. As an educator, once August began it felt like the Sunday of the summer. My mind only rested in July and with the turn of the calendar page to August, I began to ponder and plan for the upcoming school year. And I began to go into the school for a few days to prepare for another year.

But now as a solopreneur, I am in a different mindspace. To celebrate I have an end of summer sale with all minis available for only $25! 


And then there are the bundles still on sale. Each pair is avaialbe for $150 saving $50. 




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  • Hi, I’ve been enjoying reading your blogs. Do you have any mini’s left? I love Stars.

    • Linda Klemenz