10 Things You Did not Know About Me

Summer 2019 Photo
I am told that I should tell more about myself on social media so people get to know me. 
1.  I DO NOT LIKE posing for  photos !! I love being the photographer, not the photographed. As you can see above.
2.My favourite season is winter, then fall, then spring, then summer. 
3. I am a mother of 3 adult children, and 4 grandchildren.
4. Newest passion is the game of pickle ball.
5. I love to buy Christmas fabric.
6. Proud to be a prairie girl from Saskatoon, Sk.
7. Helped pull a man out of the river 21 years ago
8. Then I went back and pulled his puppy out of the water.
9. Completed my masters degree in counselling when I was 52 years old.
10. Lost the love of my life, Barry Hamre, to prostrate cancer 2 years ago. 
That's enough for now. 
Remember... A quilt makes everything better!

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