northern lights barn quilt

My Inspiration for Northern Lights

Jun 26, 2019 — Brenda Gibbs

My Northern Lights backyard quilt was inspired by this amazing quilt designed by Linda Gregor of Humboldt, Sk. She won the Viewers Choice Award for this creation at the 2018 Quilt Show. Linda has only been quilting for five years but is already a master. Read more for her story. 
3 Minis on a fence

Garden Sanctuary

Jun 22, 2019 — Brenda Gibbs

I am so thankful for this backyard window into nature because it slows my brain and soothes my soul. Everyday the birds come to eat from the bird feeder and drink from my birdbath and four bunnies hop around munching on the grass.This patio sanctuary let's me simply stop to sit and gaze at this restorative space everyday from May to October. I eat most meals at my patio table and also have a fountain inside my screened room.

Remember... a quilt makes everything better!  Brenda 

Northern Lights Backyard Quilt

Quilters + Gardeners = Backyard Barn Quilts

Jun 11, 2019 — Brenda Gibbs

As I'm planting my few annuals into the container pots on my patio I began to ponder the connection between quilting and gardening. Why do so many quilters also love to garden? Here are some of my answers to this question. This reflection has clarified why this business speaks to my soul and who I am. This is the best version of me.
Rainbow Maple Leaf

Diversity in Canada

Jun 04, 2019 — Brenda Gibbs

Why would I design two maple leaf backyard barn quilts? This blog is about the reason I made this particular maple leaf. It's multi colors represent ALL peoples of Canada and our increasing awareness of inclusion. With this Diversity Maple Leaf I am making another meagre contribution to this idea of tolerance.  So let me tell you a little about myself.